Glad to Be Well

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Dear God: It feels so good to be well! Last month, when I had that flu bug for almost a week and was so miserable, I couldn’t imagine or even remember what it was like to feel good. But I promised myself that if I ever recovered–okay, I love getting pity, but I was pretty sure I wasn’t about to die–I would remember to give You thanks.

Most of us feel that wellness should be the default mode and that we have a divine right to feel wonderful and bouncy for 85 nonstop years. But illness, pain, and death are inescapable parts of this sinful, broken world. Every day where we experience abundant good health and wellness is You overturning the natural, shattered order of things.

I hope that when we finally reach heaven and enter into an eternity of vibrant wellness, we don’t forget how great that is in contrast to Lucifer’s universal not-health plan.

In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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David B. Smith writes from Southern California.

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